• Full graphics service - graphic designs, logos, creation of an image, company identification systems, desktop publishing, proofing.
  • Offset printing - high volume work – unit price is most important.
  • Large format solvent printing - signs, banners, posters, window advertising, light boxes, advertising on vehicles, labeling, advertising stickers, sticking, advertising stickers, magnetic stickers.
  • Digital printing - short runs of advertising material, personalized content.
  • Absolutely NEW! BPS is a synthetic paper that can stick to flat surfaces and be removed as many times as necessary, making it ideal for creative applications such as banners and labels. The is neither a self-adhesive sticker nor a static film. No glue or bonding agent is used, there is no sticky feeling or glue remaining on applied surfaces and there are no bubbles to contend with.
  • Bookbinding - folding, creasing, die cutting, stamping, perforation, glued binding, stitched binding, euro staples, binding,
  • Post print finishing - cold-stamping, hot-stamping, varnishing, laminating, including foiling, coating, stamping.
  • Exhibition systems - advertising materials for fairs and exhibitions, POS, roll-ups, walls, frames, light boards, panels.
  • Commercial photography - studio arrangements, outdoor photo shoots.